Safe, high-quality, value-driven food + beverage facilities fuel your growth and success.

Scale up a small process or expand and improve a large-scale operation. No matter your size or goals, you need an adaptable facility that quickly responds to consumers’ constantly changing tastes and meets increasingly strict regulatory standards. Get design, construction and consulting solutions to help you:

  • Increase production rates
  • Optimize energy efficiency
  • Improve speed to market
  • Achieve food safety compliance

Have confidence in your project knowing that we understand the intricacies of your operating environment and the complexity of the food and beverage industry. From planning to production, you’ll get a safe facility that meets your budget and requirements, minimizes long-term operating costs and maximizes your return on investment.


Quality food + beverage products rely on excellent processing plant design and construction.
Deliver the best products to your community and the world with our help.

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What we do:

Grow your process, grow your facility, get ahead.

Whether you’re producing plant-based proteins, scaling cultured meat or developing precision fermentation ingredients, the competition is fierce and innovation is a top priority to develop flavorful and viable products. You need scalable and flexible solutions to achieve speed to market while also meeting shifting consumer preferences and evolving regulatory requirements. With experts in both food and science, we help you navigate the new and ever-changing alternative proteins landscape.

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Save money and ingredients.

With tight margins, every resource is invaluable. Use data to maximize your ingredients, your process and your facility. Whether you’re building new or renovating an existing facility our team strives to find opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Every step in the supply chain designed and built for optimal product quality.

From ingredient intake and essence recovery to packaging and warehousing, streamline every aspect of your beverage manufacturing process. Clean design solutions and a flexible facility accommodate your evolving needs to meet changing demands.

Controlled environments designed and built to produce high-quality confections.

Your confectionery process relies on the right conditions. You need assurance that your facility and process integrate optimally with MEP to control temperature, humidity and more. Design, build and optimize your confectionery manufacturing facility with a multidisciplinary team that collaborates on every aspect of your project.

Achieve operational readiness with fully integrated control systems.

Control systems integration can help ensure you’re making optimal equipment and systems selections, addressing gaps before they happen and circumventing long lead times or supply issues. Working with CSI experts who understand the food and beverage industry and are plugged into your projects’ design and construction teams from the start sets up your facility for operational readiness on time.

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Dairy products for every demand.

From fortified products to shelf-stable applications, consumers’ wants are changing in the dairy industry. No matter the form, you need to safely produce these goods in a clean and efficient environment. You need end-to-end expertise in processing, cleaning, refrigeration, packaging and more to design, construct and optimize your facility.

Keep your process clean; keep it moving.

Product left behind in your equipment is not just cutting into profits; it’s a food safety concern. Alternatively, the right process design and sanitation program will ensure your dressing and sauces are produced safely and efficiently. Employ cutting-edge techniques for hygienic design to achieve “clean label” designations and build flexibility into your lines to produce a multitude of products quickly with high quality.

Clean and compliant facility, safe food.

Satisfying your customers and meeting ever-increasing regulatory standards are both a matter of the safety and quality of your food products. Any facility can benefit from food safety consulting to enhance your product, streamline your process and improve conditions for your personnel.

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Satisfy end-users with quality, compliant ingredients.

From basic safety standards to elevated clean label requirements, the bar for ingredients is set higher than ever. Your process and facility design needs to be adaptable to meet the moving target of your industry. You need experts in the ingredients market, not just design and construction. You’ll get a solution designed with a deep understanding of not just your needs, but those of your end-users too.

Optimal and flexible nutritional product manufacturing.

Nutrition products take many forms; your facility needs flexibility whether you produce one type or more. Driven by consumer demand, imagine your production adapting quickly and efficiently to changing wants. It’s possible to have quick line changeovers and versatile packaging operations while also meeting the most stringent food safety regulations. We’ll help you create the facility that works optimally for you now—and in the future.

Packaging is integral to your bottom line. Packaging engineering helps you get it right.

Your business relies on packaging that protects products and catches consumers’ attention, enabled by a packaging process that runs optimally and consistently. Packaging engineering can unlock business advantages and increase efficiency, cutting straight to your bottom line. CRB’s packaging experts provide packaging production line equipment design, packaging material design, staff augmentation and consulting to optimize your production, bring your ideas to life, and partner for your success.

Get products to market faster than consumer tastes change.

With trends in pet food changing quickly, speed to market is paramount. This is made more difficult by the breadth of technology and complex regulations now involved in pet food production. Make your pet food facility flexible, efficient and clean with help from experts in a variety of food processing technologies.

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Clean, safe facilities, ready to deliver.

Food safety and quality are paramount in the ready-to-eat market. It requires highly sanitary design and construction, and attention to every facility from air flows to personnel flows. Get the best solution for your unique project, and consistent product quality you and your consumers can trust.