Improve profits, efficiency and end-user experience with the right engineering solution.

No matter your product, your business is about people. For the people who use your products, you must deliver the highest quality product quickly and cost-effectively. For the people who use your facility, an efficient, clean and comfortable space is paramount. Make this possible with CRB’s seamlessly integrated process and facility engineering solutions.

Reimagine your layout, expand your process, add capabilities and create new spaces. Throughout the life-cycle of your project, design your process and facility to work optimally together.


Whether you have an existing facility, a site or an idea, let’s create an engineering solution.

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Our Solutions

Ensure the performance and profitability of your facility with proper control system design and application.

Get the appropriate automation, instrumentation and controls solutions for your application. From the development of system architecture and hardware selection to the installation and programming for control systems and operator interfaces, our engineers bring the latest technologies and applications to the best approach for you.

Achieve operational readiness with fully integrated control systems.

Control systems integration can help ensure you’re making optimal equipment and systems selections, addressing gaps before they happen and circumventing long lead times or supply issues. Working with CSI experts who understand the food and beverage industry and are plugged into your projects’ design and construction teams from the start sets up your facility for operational readiness on time.

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Your facility is more than walls and a roof.

Intelligent, innovative facility design enables an efficient process and inspires talent. The right facility engineering solution relies on an understanding of your unique requirements and a breadth of experience to design for your goals. From highly regulated aseptic processing areas to functional, collaborative instructional and research spaces, we engineer your facility around your process, your product and your people.

Central utilities are critical to maintaining a functional, comfortable and, most importantly, safe environment.

If you’re housing a highly-regulated aseptic process, producing a perishable food product, or working with potent or toxic materials, the proper MEP solutions are necessary to maintain the quality of your product and keep your people and end-users safe. Even in laboratory, office and academic spaces, the right MEP is important to promote productivity and wellbeing. You need more than just MEP engineers; you need experts in the requirements of these unique spaces. Our multidisciplinary teams collaborate throughout your project to design MEP solutions that complement your process and support your goals.

Packaging is integral to your bottom line. Packaging engineering helps you get it right.

Your business relies on packaging that protects products and catches consumers’ attention, enabled by a packaging process that runs optimally and consistently. Packaging engineering can unlock business advantages and increase efficiency, cutting straight to your bottom line. CRB’s packaging experts provide packaging production line equipment design, packaging material design, staff augmentation and consulting to optimize your production, bring your ideas to life, and partner for your success.

Increase speed to market, return on investment, quality and safety with a perfected process.

Whether you’re creating a new process, scaling up or identifying improvements, turn to the firm that has the process engineering capabilities to design solutions. Our broad range of process engineering expertise combines with the application of dynamic simulation techniques, to provide you a practical process that operates efficiently and economically. Focused on output, energy and safety, we are committed to helping you increase your return on investment, improve production yields and enhance capabilities.

The structural integrity of your building shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Maximize your project’s efficiency, constructability and value with structural design integrated into your engineering solution. You ensure that the framework of your facility supports its design and capabilities when our in-house structural engineers collaborate on your project from the start. Your project comes together seamlessly with one engineering solution in one place, enhancing your building and your bottom line.