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What happens after I submit my online application and resume?

If you seem like a good fit, we’ll be in touch. At that point, we may ask for more information, or we’ll schedule an initial interview. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we can’t respond individually to each candidate, so if you don’t hear from us in 30 days, there were other candidates whose skills and backgrounds more closely met the requirements of the position. However, we frequently have new openings. Keep checking for the next opportunity!

How will I know if my resume is received?

An immediate “thank you” will appear on screen to let you know your submission is complete.

How do I submit an electronic resume on the Apply Online Form?

Upload your resume as an attachment when you fill out the online application. We accept either a PDF file or a Microsoft Word document. If you have a cover letter, combine it with your resume into one document.

How long will you keep my resume?

Your resume will be kept for a minimum of two years or as required by state and/or federal law.

How will I know if the position is still open? I was on your website earlier and saw a posting but now it is gone. What does that mean?

Requisitions remain on the New Opportunities page while we are accepting applications. Generally, requisitions are removed from the website when there are strong applicants in the final interview stage, when the requisition has been placed on hold or when it has been cancelled.

What are the closing dates on postings?

We don’t automatically close postings after a certain time period. Open positions at www.crbusa.com are posted until an offer is accepted or until there are strong candidates in the final interview stages.

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