Enable your digital transformation and advance your manufacturing capabilities.

Integrated ecosystems, smarter facilities, processes that scale.

Process inefficiencies, islands of automation, paper-based batch records—every facility and process has its pain points, but you must understand them to solve them. Advancing your level of digital plant maturity can improve productivity, reduce human error, and minimize points of exposure, allowing you to get to market faster, and continuously improve. Our team of digital technology experts partner with you to identify and resolve existing and potential gaps to unlock facility and enterprise-wide optimizations on a timeline that works for you. We strive to deliver pragmatic solutions to the issues at hand while developing and maintaining focus on your broader digital roadmap.

How can CRB’s Industry 4.0 consultants help?

We’ll assist you in planning for advanced manufacturing opportunities within the design of your facility, optimizing your processes, creating an AI strategy, or helping bridge the data gap between R&D and commercialization. Our digital experts collaborate with our design teams in the early phases of your project to create an optimal digital strategy in alignment with your regulatory and business needs. Uniquely positioned at the crossroads of biopharma and food and beverage manufacturing and the AEC industry, CRB’s Industry 4.0 consultants have a holistic view of the challenges and opportunities to optimize your processes. CRB’s experts can help with:

  • Identifying high-value, low-risk use cases for automation within your facility
  • Developing digital transformation maturity assessments and roadmaps
  • Acting as an Owner Representative from requirements development to completion
  • Leveraging digital strategies to reduce costs while scaling your business or process

Leverage the power of AI, the mobility of the cloud and the convenience of biometrics within an industry of advanced regulations and safety concerns.

Could automation and digitalization push your operations to the leading edge?

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