steel frame under construction

8 questions to ask before hiring a food and beverage construction company

The journey from initial project concept to an expanded or all-new food manufacturing facility is long, and it’s lined with complex decisions, evolving food safety regulations and shifting business drivers. To make the food and beverage construction project journey as smooth as possible, and arrive at a commercially successful outcome, start by familiarizing yourself with these eight mission-critical questions.

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apples being sorted in a manufacturing facility

Mastering the commercialization pathway: a 5-stage operations and manufacturing strategy for food processors

Operations and manufacturing strategy is a process of assessing your current resources and defining your future manufacturing needs and risks, then using those inputs to determine if a capital project is necessary—and if it is, to position that project for long-term commercial success and organizational alignment.

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Capital Procurement Strategy: Best Practices Amidst Supply Chain Volatility

Capital Procurement Strategy: Best Practices Amidst Supply Chain Volatility

Capital projects driven by strict schedules rely on gathering the right materials, trades, and technology at the right time. But today’s volatile market conditions can impact pricing and availability, leading to long lead times and frustrating delays.

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abstract image depicting airflow from cool to warm

Temperature controls in food manufacturing facilities: Ensuring optimal quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability

In the intricate world of food manufacturing, where precision and consistency are paramount, temperature control emerges as a critical factor that significantly impacts product quality, safety, and overall operational efficiency.

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person holding ipad to operate machinery

The control philosophy: what it is, how it works, and why every manufacturer should have one

A control philosophy defines your organization’s vision for digitalization and helps your team align current and future technology-related decisions with that vision.

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food manufacturing line with cookies and worker

Where to find your food manufacturing efficiencies to save OpEx

Food manufacturers grappling with the impact of inflation can improve operational efficiency to achieve a substantial victory for both your budget and overall financial performance.

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Is your bioreactor’s inefficiency impacting your bottom line?

The opportunity: a more efficient bioreactor could increase your operation’s profitability From the biotech industry to alternative proteins, manufacturers face pressure to increase their bottom line by building more efficiency into their operations. What sets them apart, though, is a unique ace up their sleeve: bioreactors.

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The current trends and challenges in alternative proteins production

Our latest Horizons: Alternative Proteins report reveals significant growth in the industry, with cultivated meat and fermentation-derived proteins producers making the most notable leaps. However, manufacturers are still facing obstacles around scale-up, sustainability, and regulatory approvals.

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pipes with steam

How steam conservation in food manufacturing facilities provides a win for the bottom line and the planet

Making your food manufacturing facility’s systems more efficient provides significant advantages—and this doesn’t require a large investment of time or money when you leverage steam conservation.

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steam system inside a food manufacturing plant

How to reduce food manufacturing cost through energy efficiency

The equation is simple: cut energy consumption and costs go down. The question for many food and beverage manufacturers is, what specifically to do and where to start?

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