Supplier Pre-Qualifications

Qualify as an equipment supplier or subcontractor for CRB

Welcome to CRB’s Supplier and Subcontractor Registration.

Suppliers and subcontractors are prequalified through TradeTapp via BuildingConnected, an AutoDesk company, a third-party consultant.

By using CRB’s qualification systems, suppliers and subcontractors will be able to:

  • Electronically submit information substantiating their qualifications to provide products and services to CRB.
  • Provide the appropriate designation regarding ownership status with appropriate certification.
  • Submit safety and compliance-related information, when relevant.

The purpose of CRB’s qualification system:

  • To serve as the central repository for validation of services, including certifications & licenses, safety programs & ratings, financial reports, references and shop information.

Please submit your information below to indicate interest in becoming prequalified with CRB.

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