Supplier Pre-Qualifications

Qualify as an equipment supplier or subcontractor for CRB

Welcome to CRB’s Supplier and Subcontractor Registration and Pre-Qualification System.

To pre-qualify our Equipment Suppliers, CRB uses PMWeb, a global project management system that is designed to collect and track information from our current and potential suppliers. PMWeb provides a standard, streamlined approach to the pre-qualification process and ensures that suppliers complete relevant assessments.

Subcontractors are prequalified through PreQual USA, a third party consultant.

By utilizing CRB’s Qualification systems, suppliers and subcontractors will be able to:

  • Electronically submit information substantiating their qualifications to provide products and services to CRB.
  • Provide the appropriate designation regarding ownership status with appropriate certification.
  • Submit safety and compliance related information, when relevant.

The Purpose of CRB’s Qualification system:

  • To serve as the central repository for validation of services, including certifications & licenses, safety programs & ratings, financial reports, references and shop information.



Click the button below to open a form to submit information to CRB

Equipment Suppliers

Step 1

Navigate to PMWeb Pre-Qualification

Click Here

Step 2

If this is your first time you need to register your Company by filling in the required information and clicking Apply.

If you are returning, enter in your Username and Password and the top of the page to login.

Step 3

Once you are in the system you will need to generate a new Application by clicking Add in the Applications table.

If you are returning to update your previous application, select the Application and click Open.

Note that you will need to complete a new application yearly. You have the option of generating the new application from the previous so that information need only be adjusted.

Step 4

Follow the directions in the left navigation pane to complete your qualification.

If you have any questions about CRB’s supplier qualification system and registration process, please e-mail [email protected] .