Unlock your facility’s sustainable potential.

Modern manufacturers are under heightened pressure to transform their operations and space portfolios into beacons of conservation and innovation. It’s a tall order in resource-intensive industries with intricate processes, and it’s often not clear where you can start to make changes. Where can you find your greatest energy savings and which systems can be optimized for heat or water recovery? Can you just duplicate efforts from a different site with the same outcomes, or are there regional contingencies? And above all, are you confident that your efforts will meet your zero-carbon, LEED-certified corporate requirements? Our sustainability services experts can guide you to the answers.

How CRB can help?

Aligning your site-level action to your corporate-level sustainability goals requires a big-picture approach from an experienced team that knows how to get you there. CRB’s sustainability experts incorporate environmentally conscious and resource-efficient planning and execution throughout a project or product lifecycle to maximize project opportunities and outcomes.

Our team can help by:

sustainability road map

Developing comprehensive sustainability roadmaps and master plans to get you where you want to go now and 10 years from now.

Providing consulting, design and project management for building certifications like LEED, WELL, Fitwel, and TRUE.

Analyzing your high-impact options for carbon, energy, water, waste and wellness from a capital and operational standpoint.

Transforming your goals into tangible achievements by eliminating Scope 1 emissions from company-wide operations, ensuring energy resiliency during grid outages, designing for water reclamation in a drought-prone area or fostering employee well-being with a human-first design.

CRB prioritizes the implementation of sustainable design principles, construction techniques, and operational strategies. Our core value of responsibility guides us to minimize environmental impact, conserve resources, and create healthier, more resilient built environments for our clients.

Proper planning and technical know-how can unlock hidden synergies that can provide impactful sustainability gains with significant CapEx and OpEx savings. Lets move you toward more sustainable operations.  

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