The digital age of design, construction, and manufacturing

The digital age of design, construction, and manufacturing

Digital delivery, digital twins, and industrialized construction are shaking up construction and manufacturing. Here’s what you need to know about how these innovative technologies are being applied to lower costs and speed up schedules.

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trade partners

Trade partners and subcontractors: What’s the difference and how to set the team up for success

Fully integrated teams, that include strategic trade partners rather than subcontractors, exceed client expectations for safety, quality, cost certainty and speed to market.

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culture of safety

Building a culture of safety: a transformative approach to Environmental, Health and Safety

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) is more than just saying the right things and ticking the right boxes. And determining how safe a project is shouldn’t just be measured by its incident report or lack thereof.

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mechanical gears

The definitive guide to lean for design and construction teams

Lean is a business philosophy and company-wide culture that alleviates the challenges and constraints facing today’s design and construction industry.

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data analytics construction

Data analytics in design and construction: from confusion to clarity and the data-driven future

If one word could summarize the nature of capital project delivery right now, it would be more. More complexity, more speed, more unpredictability. More pressure. Above all: more data analytics.

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Price Indices

Worried about construction cost inflation? These 7 strategies will put you back in control

Ask project owners what keeps them up at night, and they’re likely to talk about construction cost inflation. They have a good reason to feel anxious.

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AR VR Hololens

Augmented reality and virtual reality improve project delivery

Leveraging virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) on a project site helps to eliminate bottlenecks, improve collaboration, and enable lean delivery.

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BIM VDC Model Facility

BIM and VDC: Technology and workflows for every project phase

Building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) allow teams to save time, communicate clearly, and deliver excellence on capital projects.

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Reality capture Matterport

Reality capture: virtual tools for real-world project efficiency

Photogrammetry, Light Direction and Ranging (LIDAR), laser scanning and 3D mapping are all methods for capturing real-world data to create a digital model.

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PPMOF Prefabrication Shop

Improve project performance with PPMOF strategies

An accelerated schedule is just one of the many advantages of prefabrication, preassembly, modularization and offsite fabrication.

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