Create an actionable facility roadmap by aligning your facility strategies with your business plan.

Are you making the most cost-effective business and facility decisions?

Without strategic facility planning, you’re missing a key piece of the puzzle. Sound short- and long-term plans require a solid understanding of the relationship between your business requirements and your facility capabilities. You can get the most holistic picture of this, as well as the best plan to move your business forward, with CRB’s strategic facility planning.

Proactively manage your space portfolio.

Strategic facility planning focuses on translating your business needs into space requirements. It should be the first step in any master planning or capital planning process. Get help assessing and organizing your existing space inventory and get the data analytics to develop a strategic plan for your growth.

Typical SFP efforts include a gap analysis that compares facility supply to business demands and a capacity analysis to determine current utilization metrics. Your outcomes can include:

  • Solutions to fill the gaps
  • Recommendations to maximize headcount capacity
  • Strategies to optimize workflow efficiencies and defer your capital spending
  • Budgets for capital and operational planning
  • Space management and forecasting techniques

Change provides an opportunity to grow your business and your assets strategically. Make sure you’re making the right moves for the short- and long-term.

How can strategic facility planning drive the future of your company?

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Our Solutions

Strategically transform, realize and optimize your facility with our consulting group of experts and in depth analytics.

Could you reduce your annual operating cost? Get your product to market faster? Or eliminate inefficiencies? Find these opportunities  and get custom solutions to capitalize on your areas for growth.

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Enable your digital transformation and advance your manufacturing capabilities.

Every facility and process has its pain points; understanding them is the key to solving them. Advancing your level of digital plant maturity can improve productivity, reduce human error, and minimize points of exposure, allowing you to get to market faster, and continuously improve. Our team of digital technology experts partner with you to identify and resolve existing and potential gaps to unlock facility and enterprise-wide optimizations.

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Reduce operating costs, improve time to market, and uncover opportunities that boost your bottom line.

Your competitive edge is a fine line. It can be a matter of a few extra steps your personnel have to take in your facility or a small amount of product left in your equipment. These little inefficiencies add up, costing you significant time and money.

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Take the guesswork out of your facility improvements.

Try out process alternatives for everything from a unit operation to your entire manufacturing plant before risking capital expenditures. Simulating your potential improvements in a process model can help you test out strategies or find new opportunities.

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Unlock your facility’s sustainable potential.

Aligning your site-level action to your corporate-level sustainability goals requires a big-picture approach from an experienced team that knows how to get you there. CRB’s sustainability experts incorporate environmentally conscious and resource-efficient planning and execution throughout a project or product lifecycle to maximize project opportunities and outcomes.

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