ONEsolution Project Increases Production at Baked Goods Facility

ONEsolution Project Increases Production at Baked Goods Facility

Making dough with double the production capacity

For this ONEsolution project, CRB was responsible for managing every aspect of the project—from planning to completion. CRB’s efforts were focused on bringing an aged facility up to modern production requirements. The goal was to double production capacity while ensuring the highest level of food safety and regulatory compliance.

CRB performed a comprehensive analysis of the operating environment and food safety status. This analysis uncovered existing quality gaps, helping to restore production to acceptable standards. As a result, production capacity was increased from 10,000 units per hour to 24,000 units per hour.

Our client was challenged with a critical changeover window. To maintain existing operations, work was performed in partitioned areas, and complete shutdowns were limited to no more than three-to-four hour increments. CRB managed equipment and installation, ensuring that all on-site work could be performed within the partitioned areas or during shut-down windows.

Changeover to a completely new electrical main gear was critical and needed special attention to ensure a smooth and reliable startup. We used an off-site build strategy to pre-construct a new electrical room that was shipped to the site and connected to the building infrastructure, reducing downtime and risk.

The project also included flooring throughout the entire production facility. To work around existing equipment and operations, our team used tents to partition areas as demolition of concrete and installation of new flooring occurred.

CRB developed and delivered creative solutions that allowed the client to meet its deadline and increase production while maintaining existing operations throughout the entirety of the project. Furthermore, we helped our client achieve this increase in capacity while providing the highest level of food safety, quality and compliance.

Project Details


Confidential Client


United States

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$5.4 million

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