green building blueprints

How to successfully plan and execute your next sustainable building design

Early building sustainability planning maximizes the opportunities to conserve resources, enhance resiliency, and reduce operating costs while being mindful of the project’s overall timeline and budget.

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Industry 4.0 technology with smart manufacturing icons

4 ways to reduce costs with Industry 4.0

For life sciences companies, Industry 4.0 offers a path to make manufacturing facilities more efficient.

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manufacturing tanks with mesh grid

An introduction to computational fluid dynamics

How CFD works, why it matters, and what its role is in optimizing and accelerating project outcomes.

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pharma manufacturing simulation example

Modeling and simulations: a guide for manufacturing projects

Building a model and using it to run detailed simulations is one of the best ways to support confident, data-driven decisions in today’s competitive marketplace.

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warehouse stock

How to optimize your warehouse with discrete event simulations

Make data-driven inventory planning decisions based on your unique logistics needs and variables to optimize your warehouse.

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abstract circuits demonstrating digitalization

Intro to Pharma 4.0™ and facility digitalization

Creating a roadmap to the digitalization of your next pharmaceutical facility.

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BIM VDC Model Facility

BIM and VDC: Technology and workflows for every project phase

Building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) allow teams to save time, communicate clearly, and deliver excellence on capital projects.

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points of data insight highlighted inside buildings

5 myths about facility planning that could be costing you

Facility planners align your architects with your forecasted year-over-year growth through comprehensive analysis. Not including a strategic facility planner from the start could cost you.

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complex architecture

Strategic facility planning: an overview, the process and importance

Growth is the objective for most businesses. And while you plan for that growth, you need to consider, among other factors, whether you have the space to expand your business. Strategic facility planning helps organizations set the strategic direction for all further planning activities.

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inside a vast warehouse

Warehouse layout ideas for a sustainable future

How can we design resilient and sustainable warehouse layouts that are ready for another thirty years of rapid change?

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