Quality and purity delivered safely, quickly and efficiently.

People rely on your pharmaceutical products for their health and well-being. A safe product and process are paramount. Protect patients while optimizing your process and facility.

You don’t have to decide between product quality and production efficiency. Our expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and facility design and construction strikes the right balance. Trust the firm delivering best-in-class solutions for more efficient, more sustainable and lower-cost pharma facilities.

And protecting patients is the top priority, so regulatory compliance isn’t just a box to check. Get help navigating these stringent and changing regulations while your process and facility are designed and built to meet or exceed the standards.


Yours is a high risk, high complexity process. Work with engineers, architects, consultants and constructors who know your process and facility as well as you do.

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What we do:

Make APIs faster, cheaper and with less waste.

It’s not enough to build a functional bulk pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility; you must meet increasingly more rigorous safety and quality standards, while producing APIs quickly and efficiently. Get a solution for your new or existing facility to achieve your business aims, and most importantly, find opportunities to improve upon your process.

Reduce your animal health project timeline and lower capital costs with lead design and construction execution.

Animal health affects billions of people worldwide, so it’s vitally important that your products are effective and safe. How do you do that when the cost margin is low?
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Mitigate the risks of your most complex aseptic processes.

Every component matters in aseptic processing—especially the people designing and building your facility. The safety and efficacy of your product relies on the coordination and interaction of personnel, equipment, facility and the product. Cleanliness and contamination control must be engineered and built in.

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Improve your plasma fractionation processing with innovative solutions.

Clean, streamline and simplify your bulk processing facility with the right design and regulatory expertise. From process utilities to equipment, get a solution that includes the mixing, liquid transferring and chilling, filtering and clean-in-place considerations needed to maximize your cleanability and efficiency, while minimizing operator intervention. No matter the extent of your project, our team builds value into your human plasma-derived therapeutics facility by finding the best opportunities to improve your outcomes while ensuring compliance to applicable codes.

Revolutionize oligonucleotide manufacturing for life-changing therapies.

As more drugs achieve FDA approval and demand increases, position yourself for rapid expansion. Successfully make the transition to commercial scale.

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Patients are relying on your OSD drug product.

Because a well-designed process is central to your success, the right process solution is also unique to you. Whether you’re ready to enter the continuous manufacturing arena or you’re looking to achieve a wider range of capabilities with a more robust CM system, implement the process that’s best for your business.

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