Next-generation cell and gene therapies now.

Is your facility ready for tomorrow’s opportunities?

As cell and gene therapy technology rapidly advances, your challenge is not just keeping up—it’s anticipating what’s coming next. It’s implementing novel processes with facility and technology structures unlike anything we’ve seen. It’s mitigating the risk involved with producing life-altering complex therapies. It’s leading the way and defining the future.

How can CRB help you?

Visionary biotech leaders in need of state-of-the-art CGMP research and manufacturing facilities turn to CRB for our design, construction and process expertise. In an all-new and unpredictable market, trust that your success is built on what we’ve learned from the front lines of advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) production. This is complemented by engineering expertise that can reduce your overhead costs, identify opportunities to expand your pipeline, and help you to navigate the complexities of a transitional regulatory landscape.

“With CRB, we achieved the impossible. In just 15 months, they helped us design and build a 75,000-square-foot state-of-the-art bioservice facility, which now supports over 40 clinical programs. It’s not just the speed that’s remarkable. It’s the vision that CRB brought to the project. They conquered every challenge with innovation and skill.”

-Chris Holmes, VP Facilities & Engineering, Catalent

Achieve a facility that is:

Together, let’s create a solution that uses the best technology and the most advanced processes in the world to meet the urgent needs of critically ill patients and their families.

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What we do:

Seamlessly adopt new processes and produce higher quality therapeutics faster.

Stay ahead of the rapidly evolving biotech industry with a flexible facility and expertly designed process systems. You’ll be positioned to readily adapt to new advances while producing the best quality drug products quickly and cost-effectively.

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Manage a flexible, scalable product portfolio. Prepare for commercial success.

With competitors at your heels, speed-to-market pressure has never been higher for your mAbs or therapeutic proteins product. You need a flexible manufacturing asset that can quickly pivot within an uncertain product pipeline and unknown timeline.

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Save lives. Manufacture effective vaccines quickly.

Whether you need one compliant process that maximizes throughput or a configurable facility that can accommodate multiple operating scenarios, get a solution that checks all the boxes.

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Flexible RNA therapy facilities for a rapidly advancing sector.

Lead the way for this revolutionary technology with design and construction solutions that right-size your process, help you navigate a complex regulatory environment, and create a flexible facility that can adapt with the industry and your organization.

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