Eco green HVAC

Decarbonization for pharma manufacturing: a sustainable heating strategy

Moving past natural gas and electric boilers to achieve the industry’s decarbonization goals.

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trade partners

Trade partners and subcontractors: What’s the difference and how to set the team up for success?

Fully integrated teams, that include strategic trade partners rather than subcontractors, exceed client expectations for safety, quality, cost certainty and speed to market.

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beverage production line

Developing a food & beverage production strategy: 5 must-dos for your next capital project

Developing a successful production strategy and plan for your next capital investment project could be the key in scaling up successfully.

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What’s next for the life science industry?

What’s next for the life science industry?

Real talk from the front lines of today’s research and manufacturing landscape

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adaptive reuse feature

How adaptive reuse can help life sciences labs make the move to urban centers

The adaptive reuse of existing space for labs is an emerging trend sparked by increased capacity demands, supply chain challenges, and sustainability goals.

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Bubbles in water

Benefits of membrane filtration systems for ambient WFI production

The shift to membrane-based WFI production can significantly reduce utility use, shrink facility footprint requirements, and help meet corporate sustainability goals.

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RNA strand

The promise of RNA-based therapies

Decades of scientific progress in understanding the root cause of many formerly intractable diseases has opened up new treatment options, namely through RNA-based therapies. This second wave of biopharma, in which our understanding of the ways coding portions of our genome relate to disease, allows us to intercede earlier, and at more specific and effective junctures.

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blue and purple antibody

Modern monoclonal antibody manufacturing: an introduction

Monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapies continue to provide both powerful weapons against disease and compelling business opportunities for forward-thinking companies.

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close up texture of meat

Emerging trends in pet food manufacturing

Optimism, innovation, and the dynamics of a changing pet food manufacturing industry.

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biotech single-use technology in use

Which is more sustainable: stainless steel or single-use systems?

What are the environmental impacts of single-use technology and stainless steel systems? And which should you use in your next facility?

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