Enable collaboration, attract the brightest minds and facilitate learning to advance science + technology.

As you drive discovery in a rapidly changing world, you need research facilities that can keep up. Innovative laboratory design appeals to the people using the space, optimizing throughput, accelerating breakthroughs and capitalizing on creativity. It can also improve your bottom line by boosting productivity, maximizing flexibility and reducing energy costs.

Workflows that encourage efficiency…Interior design that inspires…Spaces that move people to challenge convention and discover the extraordinary.

You want a design solution that promotes collaboration and active learning. Our team of planners, designers and constructors will help you get there.

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Effective laboratory design and construction improves lives.

Tell us how we can help you pursue innovation and discovery.

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What we do:

Engage, astonish, attract.

Create an academic research environment that promotes social and intellectual experimentation at the convergence of conducting and teaching research. You need dynamic and fluid spaces that enable learning, collaboration and discovery. The solution is academic spaces designed to promote knowledge transfer, attract top-tier researchers and students and offer adaptability for the future.

Push the boundaries of research and discovery.

From research to commercialization, from discovery to delivery, you need dynamic, streamlined, collaborative spaces that can accelerate the scientific planning and production process. Design and build an environment that can rapidly adapt to growth and new technologies; a facility that supports your organization’s capital plans and evolving business drivers; a corporate lab that is engineered and built for optimum efficiency, flexibility and quality.

Creative, unique, flexible, adaptive labs planned to stand the test of time.

It takes true understanding of the work you do and the way you do it, accounting for your goals and your challenges. You need a dedicated design team to create the optimal lab.

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Our 2022 edition of the Life Sciences report, built on the insights of nearly 500 industry leaders, explores the transformative change this field is poised to undergo in the wake of the pandemic and ever-increasing investment in R&D.

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