culture of safety

Building a culture of safety: a transformative approach to Environmental, Health and Safety

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) is more than just saying the right things and ticking the right boxes. And determining how safe a project is shouldn’t just be measured by its incident report or lack thereof.

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data analytics construction

Data analytics in design and construction: from confusion to clarity and the data-driven future

If one word could summarize the nature of capital project delivery right now, it would be more. More complexity, more speed, more unpredictability. More pressure. Above all: more data analytics.

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Target Value Delivery

Target value delivery success: 3 best practices to hit the bullseye

Target value delivery (TVD) is a management practice used throughout all phases of design and construction to deliver projects within a fixed budget, while meeting the operational needs and values of the client.

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AR VR Hololens

Augmented reality and virtual reality improve project delivery

Leveraging virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) on a project site helps to eliminate bottlenecks, improve collaboration, and enable lean delivery.

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Team Project Charter

What is a project charter and why should you have one?

A project charter turns a collection of people into a team, and a series of tasks into a unified purpose.

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BIM VDC Model Facility

BIM and VDC: Technology and workflows for every project phase

Building information modeling (BIM) and virtual design and construction (VDC) allow teams to save time, communicate clearly, and deliver excellence on capital projects.

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Reality capture Matterport

Reality capture: virtual tools for real-world project efficiency

Photogrammetry, Light Direction and Ranging (LIDAR), laser scanning and 3D mapping are all methods for capturing real-world data to create a digital model.

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PPMOF Prefabrication Shop

Improve project performance with PPMOF strategies

An accelerated schedule is just one of the many advantages of prefabrication, preassembly, modularization and offsite fabrication.

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What is integrated project delivery?

What is integrated project delivery?

An insiders’ Q&A on what IPD does, why it works, and how it’s changing the future of capital project delivery.

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ONEsolution integrated project team members utilizing digital tools

ONEsolution™ | Quality. Cost. Schedule. Pick Three.

ONEsolution defies the old project management adage of “quality, cost and schedule – pick two.” This integrated project delivery method is a full project solution from initial planning through operational readiness.

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