Flexible RNA therapy facilities for a rapidly advancing sector.

Are you at the forefront of RNA technology?

These therapies are developing more quickly than many companies—established and new—can react. But you don’t just want to react to this revolutionary technology; you want to lead it. That means you need engineering, design, and construction expertise in your corner to help you right-size your process, navigate a complex regulatory environment, and create a flexible facility that can adapt with the industry and your organization.

How can CRB help you?

Given the broad range of therapies and processes under the RNA umbrella, this market is unlike any other biopharma sector. In fact, many of the technologies skirt the line between biotech and pharma. How do you determine the right type of process or facility for your ideal outcome? You work with a firm that has deep experience on both sides of that coin. CRB’s teams have successfully completed an unparalleled number of ATMP and oligonucleotide projects. We combine that practical experience with creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration to provide innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you’re in the start-up phase looking for guidance to build your first facility, or you’re an established company extending the scope of your portfolio, we can help you achieve your aims.

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What we do:

Seamlessly adopt new processes and produce higher quality therapeutics faster.

Stay ahead of the rapidly evolving biotech industry with a flexible facility and expertly designed process systems. You’ll be positioned to readily adapt to new advances while producing the best quality drug products quickly and cost-effectively.

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Next-generation therapies now.

Achieve a facility that is flexible enough to continuously adopt technology which doesn’t yet exist, resilient enough to support rapid scale-up to commercialization, and advanced enough to keep you at the front of the race toward breakthrough autologous and allogeneic cell and gene therapies.

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Manage a flexible, scalable product portfolio. Prepare for commercial success.

With competitors at your heels, speed-to-market pressure has never been higher for your mAbs or therapeutic proteins product. You need a flexible manufacturing asset that can quickly pivot within an uncertain product pipeline and unknown timeline.

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Save lives. Manufacture effective vaccines quickly.

Whether you need one compliant process that maximizes throughput or a configurable facility that can accommodate multiple operating scenarios, get a solution that checks all the boxes.

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Don’t decide between product quality and production efficiency.

You can have a more efficient, more sustainable, lower cost facility that produces the best quality pharmaceutical products for your patients. Get a customized, best-in-class solution from experts who possess extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of pharma manufacturing.

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Make APIs faster, cheaper and with less waste.

It’s not enough to build a functional bulk pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility; you must meet increasingly more rigorous safety and quality standards, while producing APIs quickly and efficiently. Get a solution for your new or existing facility to achieve your business aims, and most importantly, find opportunities to improve upon your process.

Reduce your animal health project timeline and lower capital costs with lead design and construction execution.

Animal health affects billions of people worldwide, so it’s vitally important that your products are effective and safe. How do you do that when the cost margin is low?

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Mitigate the risks of your most complex aseptic processes.

Every component matters in aseptic processing—especially the people designing and building your facility. The safety and efficacy of your product rely on the coordination and interaction of personnel, equipment, facility and the product. Cleanliness and contamination control must be engineered and built in.

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Plasma-derived therapies are more critical than ever.

Ramping up production to meet increasing demand is a monumental task due to the unique challenges of plasma-derived medicinal product production. The complex, time-consuming, and expensive manufacturing process makes the proper design of your plasma fractionation and purification facility more important than ever. The right facility design paves the way to lower operating costs and higher product yields, allowing you to maximize the return on every liter of plasma processed.

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Revolutionize oligonucleotide manufacturing for life-changing therapies.

As more drugs achieve FDA approval and demand increases, position yourself for rapid expansion. Successfully make the transition to commercial scale.

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Patients are relying on your OSD drug product.

Because a well-designed process is central to your success, the right process solution is also unique to you. Whether you’re ready to enter the continuous manufacturing arena or you’re looking to achieve a wider range of capabilities with a more robust CM system, implement the process that’s best for your business.

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