Let’s get everyone home every day.

Safety—Own it! Live it!

The health and safety of everyone working on our projects is essential in our success. At CRB, safety is driven by a personal and organizational commitment, where we hold ourselves responsible for not only our own safety and well-being, but for that of everyone we work with. Safety is about relationships and people, not numbers or statistics.

Through our commitment to this vision and collaboration with our partners, we are responsible to every person we directly and indirectly contact to send them home safe every day.

Safety Principles

Improving quality of life both at work and at home.

Caring for our people is the foundation of everything we do. Our teams are committed to looking out for each other and creating an environment where everyone feels free to speak up and intervene in the interest of safety. Safety is not a competition with personal or organizational priorities. We promote health, wellness and safety to support long, happy, high-quality lives.

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We are responsible to each other.

Everyone weighs-in with their expertise, challenges what we are doing and owns our effort to ensure everyone goes home safe every day. Our teams do not live and work safely out of motivation to comply with a standard or to avoid punishment. Instead, we choose the safe path because of a deep internal value placed on taking care of each other.

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Safety means doing it right.

We create actionable practices alongside the people who use them. We make them accessible and current. We ensure they are put into practice. We develop ongoing training so that everyone is empowered to act and provide input. Breakdowns and upsets are not problems to move past, but opportunities to learn, share, coach each other and build relationships.

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Designed to save lives.

Our first commitment is to the users, operators and the surrounding communities of the facilities we design. We take that responsibility very seriously, approaching every project with a “safety by design” mindset. Designing for safety means identifying and applying all applicable rules, regulations, codes and concerns early in the project life cycle.

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Safety Recognition