Manage a flexible, scalable product portfolio.

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Because you may not know which of your various molecules will be approved next, the ability to scale out production as soon as you get a green light is critical to your commercial success. With competitors at your heels, speed-to-market pressure has never been higher for your mAbs or therapeutic proteins product. You need a flexible manufacturing asset that can quickly pivot within an uncertain product pipeline and unknown timeline.

How can CRB help you?

To accelerate from clinical development to commercialization in a landscape of product variability, you need experts in your corner. Our teams draw on decades of experience delivering mammalian cell facilities and state-of-the-art biotech facilities to create a custom solution for you that ensures unit operation process flexibility, rapid capacity changes, and process efficiency. This gives you confidence in your development and manufacturing capabilities, no matter what enters your product pipeline next.

Whether you’re renovating an aging mAbs facility, developing a first-time in-house manufacturing line, or supporting the industry through an on-demand multimodal manufacturing space, CRB has the industry experience to get you there.

Therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies are the lifeblood of the biotech industry. We’re here to facilitate your success and longevity within this market.

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What we do:

Seamlessly adopt new processes and produce higher quality therapeutics faster.

Stay ahead of the rapidly evolving biotech industry with a flexible facility and expertly designed process systems. You’ll be positioned to readily adapt to new advances while producing the best quality drug products quickly and cost-effectively.

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Next-generation therapies now.

Achieve a facility that is flexible enough to continuously adopt technology which doesn’t yet exist, resilient enough to support rapid scale-up to commercialization, and advanced enough to keep you at the front of the race toward breakthrough autologous and allogeneic cell and gene therapies.

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Save lives. Manufacture effective vaccines quickly.

Whether you need one compliant process that maximizes throughput or a configurable facility that can accommodate multiple operating scenarios, get a solution that checks all the boxes.

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Flexible RNA therapy facilities for a rapidly advancing sector.

Lead the way for this revolutionary technology with design and construction solutions that right-size your process, help you navigate a complex regulatory environment, and create a flexible facility that can adapt with the industry and your organization.

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