A successful integrated project solution no matter your challenge

ONEsolution™ is exactly what the name implies: every aspect of your project from initial planning through final construction is handled by one team with a unified vision. Communication is transparent, ideas are valued, expectations are clear and everyone has a stake in the final outcome.

Advanced technology decision-makers choose ONEsolution to design and build their projects. They do it because of our unique tools and practices that maximize project outcomes. These are ONEsolution differentiators:


Collaborative Project Chartering

More than scope, schedule and budget, a successful charter aligns the team and stakeholders with goals, expectations and purpose.


Process-First Approach

Driven by innovation and efficiency, our focus begins and ends with the needs of your project.


Integrated Delivery Methodology

People, processes, systems and tools are designed to maximize value and effectiveness.

Your business needs, your target schedule and budget and your process and product guide the project. You benefit from the collective expertise, experience and creativity of a talented team. The outcome is seamless project delivery, as well as maximized value, quality and efficiency built into your finished facility.

Let’s discuss how ONEsolution can make the difference for your next project.

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Our Solutions

Building the team.

Clients, designers, constructors, trade partners—everyone who has a stake or deliverable on the project comes together in a chartering meeting. In this meeting, we examine factors related to culture, alignment, team building, roles and responsibilities, conditions of satisfaction, safety and other elements that can impact project performance. It’s essential that we have insight from our trade partners at this stage of the project to ensure successful delivery.

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Establishing the target.

Lean design and construction is a vital part of the chartering process. The team establishes a baseline target—and all the processes and systems that contribute to delivering on that baseline target—around the essential elements required to meet the minimum needs of your capital project with regard to safety, facility functionality, regulatory compliance and operability. This adds business value by establishing joint ownership over meeting the critical needs of a project while eliminating waste, redundancy and unnecessary complications.

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Sharing the knowledge

Integrated delivery methodology unifies people, processes, systems and tools from everyone involved with the project into a collective project organization that benefits from the experience, knowledge and insights of the team. We are all aligned, driving toward the same target and seeking opportunities to maximize the value of your project everywhere possible.

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Understanding what’s important.

A process-first approach is a CRB concept that builds on a deep understanding of your processes and business challenges. Code, regulatory and functional requirements are translated into a facility that is optimized for its intended use throughout its entire lifespan. The facility is designed and built to not only support the people and processes, but also fundamentally align with the business needs for which it was created. Focusing on the process first brings value during the project and for many years to come.

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Optimizing the assets.

Framed by industry’s best practices in lean delivery, ONEsolution projects are wired to maximize value and efficiency. These include maximizing the use of off-site work through an optimized timeline, saving time and money through parallel activities, using the procurement strategies and purchasing power of the combined team, preplanning for contingency situations and leveraging technology as much as possible.

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Identifying the impact.

Our process-first approach is foundational to our design and construction practices. Your success is rooted in our team’s ability to develop and communicate an understanding of your specialized environments. CRB is built on technical excellence. It is a Core Value. We strive for the highest standard of technical knowledge, creativity and execution on each of our projects.

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