Integrated project delivery, realized.

ONEsolution™ is a revolutionary integrated project delivery method that leverages the combined expertise and technical excellence of ONE project team to deliver your facility in a safe, lean and collaborative way. ONEsolution™ aligns stakeholders on quality, cost and schedule, providing you with everything you need from initial planning through operational readiness.

Cost. Quality. Schedule. Pick three.

You know the old saying. “Cost, quality, or schedule. You can only pick two.” We’re throwing that out the window and disrupting the current state of the construction industry.

A ONEsolution approach has enhanced Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing’s new pharmaceutical production facility.

ONEsolution builds off the lean approaches developed by our industry’s most respected professional organizations. CRB controls quality, cost and schedule by focusing on an integrated, lean project delivery approach based on core principles.

ONEsolution™ Principles

The “why” comes first

We start with the “why.” This approach positions the team to design and build a facility that not only supports the people and processes, but fundamentally aligns with the business needs for which it was created. Focusing first on the business case brings value and innovation during the project and provides flexibility for many years to come.

Capital investment, optimized

ONEsolution projects optimize your capital investment through execution excellence. Using our proven parallel activities we help you realize your project objectives and get you to operational readiness faster and more efficiently than typical delivery methods can, saving you time and money.

Team goals, reached

We foster a culture of co-ownership, trust and transparency between all stakeholders to arrive at a risk-sharing strategy that incentivizes the entire team to reach our shared goals. The mindset of ONEsolution projects allows for earlier cost and schedule certainty than otherwise possible.

Dedicated ONEsolution Directors

Whether it’s a small renovation or a new greenfield campus, CRB’s ONEsolution™ Directors are involved from kickoff to operational readiness.

We pair our experts in architecture, engineering, construction and consulting with strategically selected trade partners to offer a proven integrated project delivery team.

“ONEsolution creates a collaborative environment where team trust and meaningful relationships are the driving force. Creating that environment for all project teams to experience is what motivates me on a day-to-day basis.”

James Dougherty, ONEsolution Director

If you’re ready for an exceptional project experience that meets your “why,” or want to learn more about the delivery method, let’s talk.

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