multi-modal ATMP

Multimodal ATMP facilities to satisfy growing demand

Multimodal manufacturing optimizes product combinations based on manufacturing and regulatory similarity and compatibility. Manufacturers must produce a variety of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) quickly and efficiently. Why not design a multi-modal ATMP facility?

This webinar focuses on how to deliver multi-product ATMP facilities to adapt to an evolving product pipeline.

Between newly developed products, strategic partnerships, and acquisitions in the ATMP market, companies are racing to find or create capacity for viral vectors, gene modified cell therapies, and monoclonal antibodies.

A dedicated manufacturing facility can be costly and limits options for the future. Why not have a facility that can produce multiple product types to allow for adaptability to an evolving product pipeline?

“The facilities we're designing right now are for therapies that are not yet approved. ”

A multi-modal ATMP manufacturing facility supports multi-product pipelines with variable demands. It gives manufacturers the flexibility to:

  • Support legacy products
  • Implement new product mode tech transfers
  • Adapt to shifting market projections
  • Prepare for clinical uncertainty
  • Adjust to corporate re-prioritization
  • Take advantage of cross-functional facility utilization

This webinar discusses the state of the industry, the science behind different ATMP therapies and processes, design considerations for a facility that enables these different modalities, and a case study that demonstrates these concepts.

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