Architectural Design for Gene Therapy Headquarters

Architectural Design for Gene Therapy Headquarters

With breathtaking waterfront views, this headquarters is a signature project for this biotechnology client that focuses on genome editing, gene therapy, gene regulation and cell therapy.

This tenant improvement project is a five-story, 105,000-square-foot office building repurposed for a corporate headquarters, clinical manufacturing facility, pilot plant and supporting lab spaces for the development of a gene therapy product.

As the architect and engineer of record, CRB designed the space to be innovative and representative as the pinnacle of life sciences in this densely packed biotechnology hub.

CRB’s architectural design was unique in that it made use of an existing atrium space to house 10,000 square feet of GMP manufacturing space and repurposed a parking structure for utilities and warehouse support spaces. The lab and manufacturing space was integrated with the rest of the building plan via a five-story auditorium stair that tied the upper floors of the building into the atrium space. Glass walls were used to open the manufacturing space to the outside corridor.

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