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Multiple process inefficiencies uncovered for EU pharma company

Our EU-based pharmaceutical client strives for market growth—recognizing that new product development, production potential and quality are all essential to continued success within its home country and 18 additional European export markets. The facility has multiple buildings with over 25,000m2 (~27,000 SF) of space.

Client goal: Improve efficiencies and help make the right investment (CapEx) decisions

To optimize the return on facility investments, this multi-product pharma company partnered with CRB’s consulting team located in Basel, Switzerland and Stuttgart, Germany for a site-wide analysis of its production facilities. The company aimed to identify inefficiencies in order to maximize facility potential.

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Our consulting team’s approach:

Data collection and evaluation

Our study explored space utilization and workflows for solid, semi-solid, and liquid dosage product manufacturing. We quantified the movement and time effort of each activity of the production processes, analyzed the current space to determine the optimal facility layout and examined the capacity for two warehouses. The team then identified and evaluated scenarios that helped increase efficiency while accounting for compliance requirements. The complete process involved complex multi-disciplined data analysis techniques to support strategic facility planning, operational improvement effort, and warehouse logistics.

Uncovering process bottlenecks and inefficiencies

Based on the data collected and the subsequent analysis, our team identified several bottlenecks and areas for improvement for our client.

The study found excessive and unnecessary movement of materials and people in the production facilities and their warehouses. As CRB’s consultants are immersed within the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, we were also able to define solutions to help the site achieve compliance for their quality control (QC) labs.

By uncovering and analyzing operational and facility inefficiencies, our consulting team was able to provide the client with improvement solutions and an implementation roadmap.

The outcome:

CRB’s consultants provided our client with the comprehensive data and recommendations needed to move forward with a more efficient production process and a higher return on facility investment by:

  • Identifying 35% reduction in unnecessary movement of people and materials.
  • Providing layout options to improve space utilization, incorporating capacity, asset and workflow analysis.
  • Suggesting storage solutions for two onsite warehouses to accommodate future capacity needs.
  • Developing a 4-year CapEx roadmap.
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Site-wide studies like this one can protect ROI and increase your bottom line. Reach out to our US or EU consulting team to see what process inefficiencies we can uncover at your facility.

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