project execution

4 strategies of successful project execution

A lean approach to project execution relies on four steps for success.

Industry leaders are questioning how to quickly evaluate new and repurposed drugs while simultaneously readying their operations for rapid transformation. Novel partnerships between private R&D teams and public health agencies are emerging to address the “discovery” half of that equation, which leaves company leaders to grapple with the other half: how can they prepare their operations for commercial-scale manufacturing of a therapy that hasn’t yet been identified or approved?

The solution is a radically lean approach to capital project delivery. This approach relies on a multi-disciplinary team of industry experts, whose combined technical knowledge is rocket fuel for even the most complex projects. While your drug discovery activities continue, this team can get to work, quickly freeing potential throughput capacity in your existing operations and/or engaging trade partners in order to set a facility expansion initiative into motion. By initiating this lean delivery approach early in the process, you’re helping to ensure that when your therapy is ready for commercial manufacturing, your facility is ready, too.

“These four strategies create an environment within project teams that is something specials. Teams want to work together. ”

The four strategies are:

  1. Early trade partner involvement
  2. Collaborative project chartering
  3. Target value delivery (TVD)
  4. The Last Planner® System

This webinar discusses each strategy in-depth and explains how each piece comes together to deliver a facility that’s on target for schedule, budget, and quality.

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