plant-based pet food

Considering plant-based pet food manufacturing? Keep these 3 factors top of mind

What do the contents of Fido’s dish and the output of a modern food research lab have in common? Plenty, if you ask innovators with their eye on the next big opportunity in pet food manufacturing.

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sustainable recycle sign in trees

10 resource reduction measures for more efficient and sustainable biopharma facilities

Resource reduction measures are solutions that can lead to lifecycle energy and cost savings for a favorable return on investment while simultaneously improving resiliency and promoting health and wellness in your facility.

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automated yogurt filling

Is your dairy processing plant ready for change?

How legacy dairy facilities can meet the challenge of modernization. 

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Standard Facility Design

Expanding global operations with standard facility design

Increasingly, manufacturers want standard facility designs of their GMP manufacturing facilities so they can be replicated elsewhere in the world, but this approach comes with unique considerations.

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human cell division

In-house production vs. CDMO: meeting the challenges of commercializing cell and gene therapies

Commercializing cell and gene therapies efficiently requires timely decisions about whether to engage a CDMO or develop internal manufacturing capacity. Sometimes the best solution is to do both.

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Cultured meat chicken nuggets

Cultured meat 2.0: challenges to cost-effective production scale-up

Scaling up cultured meat to achieve commercial viability will require addressing three major challenges.

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The dynamic future of life-saving medicine

The dynamic future of life-saving medicine

Changing the way therapies work, and the changing work of making therapies.

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fill-finish in atmp header

Fill-finish in ATMP: 5 critical questions to ask on the way to process scale-up

To bring the exciting science of cell and gene therapy manufacturing to life, creating smaller-scale filling solutions is imperative to the success of the ATMP industry. But before you begin scaling your operation, there are important questions to consider about fill-finish in ATMP.

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data analytics construction

Data analytics in design and construction: from confusion to clarity and the data-driven future

If one word could summarize the nature of capital project delivery right now, it would be more. More complexity, more speed, more unpredictability. More pressure. Above all: more data analytics.

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Target Value Delivery

Target value delivery success: 3 best practices to hit the bullseye

Target value delivery (TVD) is a management practice used throughout all phases of design and construction to deliver projects within a fixed budget, while meeting the operational needs and values of the client.

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