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The current trends and challenges in alternative proteins production

Our latest Horizons: Alternative Proteins report reveals significant growth in the industry, with cultivated meat and fermentation-derived proteins producers making the most notable leaps. However, manufacturers are still facing obstacles around scale-up, sustainability, and regulatory approvals.

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How steam conservation in food manufacturing facilities provides a win for the bottom line and the planet

Making your food manufacturing facility’s systems more efficient provides significant advantages—and this doesn’t require a large investment of time or money when you leverage steam conservation.

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How to reduce food manufacturing cost through energy efficiency

The equation is simple: cut energy consumption and costs go down. The question for many food and beverage manufacturers is, what specifically to do and where to start?

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An introduction to control systems integration

Control systems integration is a plant management strategy that harmonizes operations across different processes and systems, ensuring a secure and seamless flow of operational data.

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7 elements for designing a food processing plant

Automation, employee amenities, and sustainability are just a few considerations for achieving longevity and efficiency from your food processing plant design.

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Shifting demand in frozen plant-based meat: sound bites on growth in the freezer aisle

While sales slow in the refrigerated case, a growing number of consumers stroll the frozen aisle in search of value-added plant-based meat options. How can manufacturers prepare for frozen food production?

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5 ways a zero-based bioreactor simplifies alternative protein production

Emerging alternative protein manufacturers and the food tech sector have had to rely on biopharma practices, which inhibit scale up with steep price tags and long production times. Here’s how zero-based equipment can help tailor those practices to achieve commercial scale.

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Developing a food & beverage production strategy: 5 must-dos for your next capital project

Developing a successful production strategy and plan for your next capital investment project could be the key to scaling up successfully.

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Emerging trends in pet food manufacturing

Optimism, innovation, and the dynamics of a changing pet food manufacturing industry.

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6 innovative food processing technologies

The food & beverage industry is in the midst of an evolution in food processing technologies. Manufacturers are trialing new products, feeding consumer demand for convenience and variety. Here we delve into the most important emerging food processing technologies.

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