Food Processing Plants Study + Design

Food Processing Plants Study + Design

CRB partnered with Chiquita Brands International (CQB) to provide broad-based engineering, architecture and planning expertise to complement their existing corporate and plant engineering staff. Project support featured work for banana processing, as well as the packaged salad processing “Fresh Express” division of Chiquita. We provided facility improvements, as well as overall value stream optimization of their existing processing.

Bagged Salad Packing

CRB assisted CQB with a multi-site, multi-case erector, conveyance, and printing replacement solution for their bagged salad packing operation. Services include staff augmentation for project management as well as construction management and design/modeling support.

5S and Simulations Analysis

CRB analyzed a typical rigid container salad fill line for 5S improvements, as well as conducted a full throughput simulation model of the same. Results of the 5S analysis were implemented with the staff and the simulation results were used to make modifications, as required, capturing efficiencies and increasing output.

Rigid Container Make/Buy Analysis

CRB conducted a high-level ROI for the potential shift from purchasing containers to making containers in-house for a rigid container in multiple sizes.

Rigid Container Line Study

CRB conducted a study of a typical rigid container fill line for salad processing efficiency improvements. The team consisted of OI specialists, Process specialists, and Packaging Specialists to offer a broad perspective of areas that should be considered for further study and deeper analysis.

Port of New Orleans – Site Comparison

CRB provided both design and CM support during the search for and consideration of multiple potential sites to be used as a new banana ripening distribution center.

Earhart Upfit – Detailed Design

CRB provided full design services for the renovation of an existing warehouse space for the repurposing into a banana ripening distribution center at the Port of New Orleans.

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Multi-Site Locations

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