Space needs assessment right-sizes biopharma company’s space portfolio for strategic growth

Space needs assessment right-sizes biopharma company’s space portfolio for strategic growth

Our client, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, is experiencing rapid growth. The client knew they were close to capacity and wanted to assess its current facility conditions (utilities and space). This assessment established the facility needs with the company’s projected growth plans tied to their Research & Develop strategy.


Gather and evaluate facility data to determine if the existing utilities infrastructure could support the projected growth.

The Process:

The Consulting Group at CRB developed baseline utilization and capacity data. This data revealed the need to decompress labs and support manufacturing growth. By determining future space needs in manufacturing and labs, and then balancing the remainder of the space portfolio against industry standards, CRB was able to determine the space needs for the projected 5-year growth plan.

Additionally, the team assessed the existing utility usage and site capacity. The current usage and projected space needs were used to create a gap assessment that revealed upgrades needed for the existing site to support the future manufacturing pipeline. The final deliverable included cost estimates for select options, including a new campus to meet future needs.


  • Assessed current use and future needs to show the gap analysis
  • Provided client with industry standards to guide lab and manufacturing metrics
  • Provided scenarios and gap assessments that the client wanted to see while also making sure all options were considered. A list of suggested next steps was created to guide the client after the project


  • The data and analysis provided by CRB helped make a case to leadership about moving the campus to a bigger location
  • Our client was provided with future space projections to make an informed decision on a new campus size and how to continue with production on the existing site in the interim

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