modern and clean architectural lab design

Architecture designed for corporate culture and regional identity

The outside of a facility welcomes and attracts visitors and employees; it also conveys the company’s culture and work. As such, this exterior deserves careful consideration and attention to detail to craft an intentional persona. A delicate part of this type of design is selecting appropriately representative materials to match the company’s messaging.

In the case of a high-tech life sciences company, an artful blend of material qualities was in order: transparency, permanence, texture, and reflection. These made evident our client’s identity as a world-class pharmaceutical company—precisely the desire as the company moved to a new facility in the southern United States. Our architectural team captured these material qualities and created two inspired but distinctly different building design options.

modern life science building design; front of building

The first design option mirrors the company’s innovative technical origins with glass and dynamic stainless steel vertical sunscreens on the eastern façade. This fresh, clean look suggests a sophisticated business relevant in today’s competitive pharma industry.

modern wooden design for pharma building
open building design inside a new pharma facility

The second design option boasts the region’s natural materials and textures to respond to the hot southern sun while creating generous employee spaces to mitigate direct solar heat gain. The company’s resilient and adaptive nature is reflected in the most basic elements of this building design.

wooden façade designed for new pharma building
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