modern office design with large windows

Designing connections through architecture

Our client’s vision was to design an incubator for innovation within a vast San Francisco Bay campus. This architectural project presented an exciting and engaging design challenge: re-connect the industrial campus with the Bay’s community, city, and stunning nature views. This was an opportunity to connect scientists to the thriving ecosystem around them through carefully crafted and detailed design.

The strategic and abundant use of windows strengthens the scientists’ connection to one another as well as to the outdoor world. It also enhances the office setting by providing natural light, which promotes employee mental health and well-being.

This client also prioritized the need for gathering spaces to encourage community and relationship building. We balanced this with dedicated spaces to foster quiet, focused work, challenging ourselves to design so that these two contrasting spaces could exist in harmony. The solution involved drawing on the organic flows of nature to program the space to host dedicated and intuitive functional spaces for both needs.

design rendering of community office space
design rendering of quiet outdoor office space
organic flow chart for office design

To design connections through architecture, we developed congregational, gathering and focus spaces with exposure to nature and fresh air.

Because offices can sometimes feel stagnant, we dynamically wove these spaces together to provide employees mobility and a sense of freedom.

modern office rendering with glass walkway and large windows
office renderings with window views of atrium and lab

We designed the campus to support interactions, experiences and connections:
• The lobby frames the community and city through picturesque views.
• The balconies fuse the campus to the Bay.
• The viewing corridors connect people to the science and innovative technologies.
• The terrace unites employees to a dynamic outdoor environment.

aerial view of modern architectural office rendering

An aerial view of the building exhibits the substantial use of natural light and outdoor exposure.

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