Horizons Pet Food featured on Pet Food Processing podcast

Horizons Pet Food featured on Pet Food Processing podcast

Mar 23, 2023

CRB’s Tony Moses joined Pet Food Processing magazine for the inaugural podcast episode of “More than Kibble.” The pet food industry continues to boom as the pet-owning population grows. Despite inflation and other challenges, consumers are seeking high-quality foods for their pets who are treated like family members.

“There is robust demand in the pet food market. Pet adoption and spending are up with more and more households adopting pets,” reflected Moses. “Pet food producers are really committed to the products they’re making. Even with increased demand, they’re extremely concerned with product integrity and that’s driven by the humanization of pets.”

Moses and Editor Kimberlie Clyma discussed key findings from CRB’s Horizons Pet Food report, including investments, product innovations, trends in packaging, consumer demand, processing challenges, sustainability goals, and what lies ahead.

“Clean label is the top driver for innovation in pet food. Processors are focused on high integrity products and believe nutrition, taste and smell, and sustainability are the key attributes to retaining customers,” explained Moses. “The industry sees that pet parents are committed to the products they buy being good for their pets and the impact on the greater environment as well.”

When asked about trends in pet food processing techniques, Moses cites data from the report that shows processors moving toward minimally processed foods, with growing interest in high-pressure processing and hot fill and hold.

Listen to the entire conversation, “Pet food trends driving operational investments,” on Pet Food Processing’s “More than Kibble” podcast.