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Wrampe and Carlson featured in Pharmaceutical Processing World

Mar 24, 2023

Biopharma manufacturing strategies for generating water for injection (WFI) are actively shifting around the world. CRB’s Jarrod Wrampe and Chris Carlson discuss the impacts this change offers in Pharmaceutical Processing World’s article “The pros and cons of membrane-based WFI generation and distillation for biopharma.”

Regulations on WFI generation changed in recent years, opening the doors to new and alternative methods of acceptable generation. Yet the pharmaceutical industry has been slow to embrace the shift from traditional distillation to membrane-based WFI, despite the significant benefits it offers. Wrampe and Carlson dig into these advantages of membrane-based WFI generation, which include energy savings, capital cost savings, less environmental impact and compact equipment.

“The big benefit of membrane-based WFI generation is energy savings” - Carlson

Though, membrane-based WFI is still not accepted everywhere, and traditional distillation equipment carries limitations regarding its footprint and poses burn risks. Pharmaceutical companies need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of both methods to find the best approach for their specific needs.

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