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Vortherms and Estrada featured in Baking Business

Apr 10, 2024

CRB’s Senior Director of Control Systems Integration, Jim Vortherms, and Project Manager, Amy Estrada, discuss leveraging automation to lighten the stressors of labor shortage with Baking Business.

With wave after wave of workforce woes, food companies are employing robots for loading cases, unloading pans and other arduous tasks. Estrada says, “It’s important for bakeries to remember, though, that while robotics is automated, it certainly requires some level of skill to operate and service. Luckily, there are many companies that offer training programs for that purpose.”

While some are worried about the grip of technology entering the manufacturing world, Vortherms notes, that today’s robotics and cobots are simpler to program and maintain. “It is pretty easy actually to get those programmed these days versus what it was when they first came out,” he says.

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