Jim Vortherms

Senior Director, Automation Delivery

Kansas City


Jim Vortherms brings nearly 30 years of control systems programming knowledge, including leading teams and the development of control systems. As Senior Director of Automation Delivery, Vortherms helps clients use and manage data to make smarter manufacturing and equipment decisions. Frequently involved in a project from start to finish, he plays a major role in the scope of work development, scheduling, resource allocation, budget management, and business development support.

“The amount of data being generated on the plant floor continues to increase. As the data is collected and analytics are performed, this gives manufacturers the opportunity to make fact-based decisions versus intuition-based decisions. ”

Throughout his career, Vortherms has focused on domestic and international industrial facility projects, feed and flour milling, sugar production, chemical processing, ethanol and biodiesel production, vegetable oil extraction and refining, corn oil extraction, and pet food manufacturing.

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