CRB renovates Bay Area office to support future growth in global life sciences hub

CRB renovates Bay Area office to support future growth in global life sciences hub

Mar 21, 2024

CRB announced the renovation of its Bay Area operations located in Emeryville. With a modern layout, updated technology and sensational views of the San Francisco Bay, this approximately 15,000 square-foot office elevates the CRB experience for employees and clients.

CRB office entrance

From the Emeryville office, a diverse group of CRB employees serves a broad range of biopharma clients from established well-known companies to exciting new start-ups. By renovating the workspace, CRB is extending its investment in one of the world’s leading life science markets that boasts millions of square feet of space and employs thousands of people in the industry.

“Through an employee-led design process, we’ve created a space that inspires innovative thinking, encourages collaboration and enhances the overall employee experience,” said Matt Khair, CRB’s Vice President for the Western Region. “It also provides our teams with the tools and resources they need to continue bringing our clients remarkable experiences and world-class delivery on projects.”

Flexibility was a key consideration when the CRB design team developed this space. The break room and charette space are designed to host multiple small groups simultaneously or large team gatherings, with the charette space serving as an activated team and project brainstorm area and library. Color zones throughout the office indicate whether an area is used for collaboration or for quiet, focused work which helps teams work more effectively by managing noise and distractions. The design combined with state-of-the-art furnishings and new technology provide employees what they need to deliver the high-quality work clients expect from CRB. The Emeryville team also plans to leverage the space for various functions and events, as well as collocating with clients and partners to enable stronger working relationships.

Housed in the Emeryville Public Market, employees and visitors are within walking distance to a wide variety of restaurants, as well as health and fitness centers, and the location provides access to public transportation options.

CRB has recently moved and modernized offices in Philadelphia, Orange County, Calif., and Stuttgart, Germany, with upgrades focused on collaboration, technology and wellness. CRB’s global network of offices is strategically positioned to attract top talent, serve clients and drive the company’s core values of collaboration, responsibility, technical excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and fun, said John Schwaller, CRB’s Director of Real Estate.

“Like the life sciences and food & beverage industries we serve, CRB’s employees are dynamic – always on the move,” said Schwaller. “Whether they are local to the office or visiting to serve a key project, CRB offices are a warm and welcoming homebase for employees, clients, partners and guests. Each office is different, but all have the look, feel, and function needed to support the delivery of world-changing projects.”

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