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Moses and Diaz presenting at Food Processing Suppliers Association Annual Conference 2023

Feb 21, 2023

CRB’s Tony Moses, Ph.D. Fellow – Product Innovation, and Krizia Diaz, Food & Beverage Market Team Leader, will be presenting at Food Processing Suppliers Association’s (FPSA) 2023 Annual Conference. The event brings together the food and beverage industry’s top equipment suppliers, distributors, and processors to connect and learn about driving business growth. Participants will expand their industry knowledge through roundtables, educational business sessions, and networking interactions with hundreds of C-level colleagues.

A producer’s perspective on the future of cultivated meat

Wednesday, March 8, 2:50-4:20pm PST
Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance (Salon J/K)

Moses will present unreleased data from CRB’s 2023 Horizons: Alternative Proteins report. A new era has emerged in the alternative proteins industry. With investment slowing and technologies maturing, processers are faced with challenges common to other food and beverage companies. Moses will walk attendees through how alternative proteins processors can mature along with the industry, and how traditional meat suppliers can approach this industry.

Prepared facilities for prepared foods: Hygienic design strategies for safe, flexible, and efficient facilities

Wednesday, March 8, 2:50-4:20pm PST
Prepared Foods (Executive Boardroom)

Diaz will discuss hygienic strategies for safe, flexible, and efficient facilities. Attendees will learn how to incorporate state-of-the-art elements into their facility, reduce risks, and allow for greater scheduling, cleaning, and staffing flexibility. Diaz will show how other manufacturers are progressing by incorporating these elements through survey data taken from 150 industry experts.

Learn more about the event: FPSA Annual Conference 2023