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Coronel speaks about validation of food products processed using electrical technologies

Aug 8, 2023

This fall, the International Microwave Power Institute (IMPI) will host a three-day seminar in Chicago, Illinois. CRB’s Pablo Coronel, Ph.D., will present “Validation of Food Products Processed using Electrical Technologies” as part of a lecture series.

The event, to be held October 3-5, 2023, will include facility tour, microwave and radiofrequency (Mw/RF) technology fundamentals workshop, a lecture series on Mw/RF/solid state applications and networking opportunities.

Validation of Food Products Processed using Electrical Technologies
Pablo Coronel, Ph.D., Senior Fellow of Food Process & Food Safety

Ensuring the safety and quality of food products necessitates adherence to regulations. The incorporation of electrical technologies introduces a set of intricate challenges that regulators must surmount. Regulators are required to grasp the intricacies of preservation mechanisms and establish confidence in the safety of foods, even in adverse scenarios. This lecture is designed to offer guidance to processors and researchers engaged with electrical heating technologies. Its objective is to assist them in formulating a comprehensive plan for product development and validation that aligns with the stipulations of regulatory bodies.

The lecture will encompass the following focal points: Fundamental aspects of regulatory requirements, a structured roadmap for validation, determination of worst-case scenarios, utilization of mathematical models and model validation, analysis of residence time distribution, and the intricacies of FDA filings. Furthermore, the seminar will delve into two real-world case studies concerning low acid aseptic products. One case study will spotlight a homogenous viscous product, while the other will revolve around a particulate product.

Visit the IMPI events page for more information about the fall seminar or learn more about electrical heating applications in food processing.