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Walters to speak at Bioprocessing Summit on cell therapy manufacturing

Aug 7, 2023

The Bioprocessing Summit is a premier global forum for industry leaders to share the latest developments in bioprocess R&D, scale-up, quality and analytics. This year’s programming comprises more in-depth content than ever before, showcasing 8 topic-focused streams, 14 conference tracks, interactive sessions, panel discussions, training seminars, research posters and more.

Could Your Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facility Be Working Harder for You?
Peter Walters, Fellow of Advanced Therapies
Thursday, August 17, 3:25 PM

Optimizing cell therapy manufacturing facilities is challenging due to small-scale cell therapy batch sizes. With batch sizes as small as one patient, manufacturers must scale out rather than up, duplicating every inefficiency in the process. This presentation explores four manufacturing approaches for small-scale cell therapies: dedicated rooms, chasing workstations, segregated unit operations, and process-in-a-box systems. Each approach has its challenges, and manufacturers must balance risk tolerance, capital spending, and growth expectations to achieve manufacturing goals. Case studies comparing facility designs that enable throughput will be presented and compared.

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