jeff wegner

Wegner talks carbon neutrality in life sciences with Facility Executive

Aug 24, 2022

Facility Executive is a leading trade publication and industry source on the issues affecting facility operations, design and maintenance, with an entire section dedicated to the impacts of facilities on the environment. For Facility Executive’s article, “How Life Science Companies Can Commit To Carbon Neutrality,” they turned to CRB’s Energy and Sustainability Specialist, Jeff Wegner.

Sustainable facility design for life sciences

There are several considerations in moving forward with a sustainable facility design within the life sciences industry, yet that is exactly what the industry is seeing. Wegner cites the 2021 Horizons: Life Sciences report, which indicates that 84% of the 500 life science leaders surveyed have some degree of sustainable benchmarking. But what is needed for a utility-intensive industry like life sciences to achieve these sustainability goals?

Key factors for moving forward with a sustainable project:

  • Defined terms and goals
  • Understanding the shifting costs favoring renewable energy
  • Exploring new and proven technologies
  • Identifying champions within your organization and in your partners
“Our advice: Start with the corporate vision and ensure there’s no incompatibility between your company’s vision and its boots-on-the-ground decision-making regarding truly sustainable design. Without alignment, your sites might be in danger of non-compliance while head office is still mulling over the path ahead.”