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Webinar: Scaling cell and gene therapy operations with Industry 4.0

Jul 7, 2023

Learn how the CGT industry can apply Industry 4.0 more effectively with CRB’s experts, Peter Walters, Fellow of Advanced Therapies, and Ryan Thompson, Industry 4.0 Sr. Specialist.


Scaling cell and gene therapy operations with Industry 4.0

watch the on-demand webinar here.


Cell and gene therapies are unlocking a remarkable new landscape of medicine. But the reality is that the science and production are complex and expensive, limiting patient access. Integrating an Industry 4.0 strategy can enable a new trajectory for scaling and navigating this commercial manufacturing process.

Among the challenges are paper-based batch release times being measured in weeks, making it extremely difficult for any facility to manage a reasonable amount of patients without a fully digital solution. The logistics of managing the complete vein-to-vein supply chain is a new challenge for manufacturers that also requires a digital-first approach to scale successfully. Leveraging the connectivity and data from Industry 4.0 solutions alongside innovative process technologies can streamline processes and reduce errors leading to lower operating costs to help close the gap between medicines and patients.

Together, Walters and Thompson look at practical and accessible ways to scale production for personalized medicines with data, digitization, robotics and process closure. This 45-minute webinar highlights our industry’s unique challenges and real-world applications that can continue to move us forward. This recorded session explores brand-new industry data from the new 2023 Horizons: Life Sciences Report and a live Q&A.