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Hamilton and Stramel share CapEx planning tips with Lab Design News

Jun 28, 2023

Many pharma and biotech companies are reducing spending, requiring project plans and capital expenditures (CapEx) to be revisited with extra scrutiny. With multiple stakeholders weighing in, this can be a tough process for any organization. In an interview with Lab Design News, Sydney Hamilton, and Chelsea Stramel, CRB’s Strategic Facility Planners, discuss the process of evaluating CapEx by turning qualitative requests into data-driven insights.

The two highlight the importance of aligning budgets with big-picture goals and the role of strategic planning in achieving efficiency. A large portion of this task is consensus-building among stakeholders. For this, facility planners use various tools and exercises to identify goals and make informed decisions about project sequencing. A workshop may consist of gaming, psychological, or democratic exercises to find alignment.

“The goal, of course, is building consensus and aligning messaging throughout the entire organization.” - Sydney Hamilton

While client preparation is important for project discussions and strategic planning, less information is needed to start the process than most clients assume, as a skilled facility planner can turn qualitative requests into quantitative solutions without having all the data points in advance.

“So, if you've got an idea, you're ready to start planning, don't be scared of it.” - Chelsea Stramel