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Adams and DiProspero talk GLP-1s with Bisnow

Feb 13, 2024

Jake Adams, Market Sector Leader and Dave DiProspero, Senior Fellow of Pharmaceutical Process, provide insight into a growing market in an article published by Bisnow.

Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1s), a class of synthetic peptides, has become a focus for some in the industry. This therapy was developed for diabetes but has been known to curb hunger and help with weight loss by regulating blood sugar. Companies are racing to bring new drugs to market and expand production capacity due to the staggering profit potential. Despite current focus on GLP-1 drugs, Adams believes this is just the beginning, with potential for further development in hormone modulation therapy and subsequent demand for more research and development space.

“The initial perspective would be, these GLP-1 drugs are built in megacampuses and huge facilities. But I think that's probably short-sighted. There is going to be and will continue to be development of these types of drugs, and venture capital heading that direction.” - Jake Adams