Jake Adams

Project Manager

Denver, CO

Jake Adams

Jake Adams is a project manager on Denver’s biopharmaceutical team that specializes in the design, construction and operation of biotech, pharmaceutical and advanced technology facilities. Recently, Adams has been involved in the success of large-scale oligonucleotide and peptide synthesis facility design efforts. Adams uses his interpersonal and problem-solving skills to forge working relationships and deliver successful and timely solutions to often urgent and complex issues. His experience across all project phases allows him to identify potential problems before the full impact is realized. Adams provides prompt, effective and creative solutions that bring tangible benefits to clients and their projects when it matters most.

“What gets me excited every morning might be what keeps others up at night: Complicated problems with high stakes where creative solutions need to be developed quickly. It’s why I’m involved with this industry; the challenges are immense, but the rewards are colossal. I love getting my head around an issue, analyzing options, working with the subject matter experts and then going and getting my hands dirty. I wouldn’t consider myself a glutton for punishment because I don’t seek out these problems, but afterward, looking back on the process toward identifying a solution, I find that’s when the deepest thinking is done.”

Adams has experience with a wide range of project scales in both greenfield and existing facilities as a process engineer and project manager. In his current role as a project manager, Adams is not only responsible for delivering the project scope but also understanding how various project scenarios change the conditions of success. Adams has delivered projects with a variety of unique conditions, including maximum shutdown duration requirements, accelerated project schedules and sharing spaces with ongoing manufacturing. Adams successfully delivers these projects, in part, because of his familiarity with a multitude of design disciplines, construction approaches and qualification requirements.

Adams is a graduate of Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in chemical and biological engineering.

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