Christa Myers

Process Engineer

Raleigh, NC


Christa Myers is a Process Chemical Engineer with 25+ years of experience providing clients with insight as to how codes, past and current regulations and innovative technologies apply to their process and facility designs. Her involvement starts with the strategic concept and continues through construction and startup of projects. After project completion, Christa will continue to evaluate whether the design elements worked properly, or should be re-evaluated further for future projects.

With an extensive background in the design of fill-finish facilities, chemical kilo labs, pilot plants, API research and manufacturing facilities, bulk pharmaceutical chemical facilities, highly hazardous compound containment, and biotech process facilities, Christa’s broad range of expertise benefits her clients in the design of their facilities. Her operating experience with a leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical company as a Process Engineer in the fermentation and purification suites, as well as pilot scale fill-finish suites, provides her with insight to the reality of daily operations.

Christa knows the difference between designing for the large pharmaceutical firms, the contract manufacturing organizations, and the generic companies. The business drivers that lead to decisions on capital budgets are different for each type of company. Even projects that are built around a single product have to take into consideration a base range of products since capital equipment typically has a life after the initial product run. Christa knows the right strategic questions to ask and address in order to ascertain the real needs of the equipment.

Myers is also recognized as a Pressure Safety Relief Systems Specialist who designs relief devices and quench/catch tanks. As a member of the DIERS (Design Institute of Emergency Relief Systems) Users Group, Christa is kept current with the most recent changes in relief systems design philosophy. She is recognized in the relief device design community for her papers and presentations regarding the complexities of applying general relief device design to the highly specialized pharmaceutical industry. Her process background and understanding of process operational issues and safety hazards, enables her to assess design issues based on a risk ranking matrix that is weighted by the severity and likelihood of events to occur.

Myers has been a frequent presenter at many industry events such as the DIERS Users Group, ISPE Containment Conference and Interphex.

“I enjoy working closely with leading machine and component design groups throughout the industry to provide our clients with suitable designs for their projects. This relationship with industry leaders allows me to bring our clients in contact with those who have the most current and applicable designs for the given challenge.”

Some of Christa’s upcoming and past presentations include:

  • Aseptic Processing Summit 2019
  • INTERPHEX 2019 – Isolators for Cell and Gene Therapy
  • ISPE 2018 Aseptic Conference
  • ISPE 2017 Aseptic Conference
  • Webinar – A study on the Future of Filling
  • INTERPHEX 2018
  • INTERPHEX 2017
  • BioBuzz Webinar May 2016 – Make Good Choices: In House vs. Contract Manufacturing
  • ISPE 2016 – Supply Chain Transformation and Innovative Information Technology
  • INTERPHEX 2016 – Filling of the Future: How to Plan Your Next Fill Line
  • ISPE-CaSA 2016 – Innovations of Biologics Filling: How to Efficiently and Effectively Plan Filling Operations
  • BioProcess Intl. West 2016 – Innovations of Biologics Filling: How to Efficiently and Effectively Plan Filling Operations for Your New Novel Drug Substance
  • INTERPHEX 2015 – How Future Drug Delivery Will Affect Pharma Processing
  • Pharma / PACK Expo 2015 – Outsourcing Dilemma: Find the Right CMO, Minimize the Risk and Maximize the Quality of Your Brand

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