Supplier FAQ

All equipment vendors and subcontractors/trade partners that wish to receive invitations to bid on work with CRB Builders, LLC. are required to complete our pre-qualification application. We’ve attempted to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible. After having gathered the List of Required Documents you should be prepared to finish the application in one sitting, in about 30 minutes or less.

Review of your company’s financial standing is not used to necessarily qualify or disqualify you from obtaining work with CRB. It allows us to better understand the capabilities of and how to work with your company to make sure the project is executed smoothly. By performing this analysis up front on all trade and equipment suppliers, we can be assured that everyone on the project is well-suited for the job and ready to perform, minimizing delays or other complications.

If your company has less than the minimum number of employees required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance OR if your company does not have an EMR, simply provide a letter from your insurance agent with an exception explanation.

CRB maintains pre-qualifications for our vendors and subcontractors on a project-by-project basis. Applications are valid for one calendar year but will be reviewed at the start of every job, and we reserve the right to request updated information on every project, regardless of the age of the existing application. We do this to ensure safe work practices and successful completion of the project with current workloads.

If you are still experiencing technical issues, please email [email protected] to contact a procurement staff member who can assist you.