Are you exposed? Guarding against cyberattacks

Are you exposed? Guarding against cyberattacks

Feb 19, 2019

In today’s age of technology, manufacturers must guard themselves against cyberattacks. Automation and integration create more efficient facilities but can leave companies exposed if not properly secured.

Steve Pflantz speaks on cybersecurity best practices in this month’s issue of Food Engineering.

“A lot of people still have the perception that the industrial control system (ICS) is on the safe side of things, and you can be more liberal with security. Wrong. More and more focus is on the ICS and ways that third parties can come in and service the ICS. That can potentially be the point of intrusion, coming in from the outside, through the ICS and into the corporate network.”

Check out the full article here or read Pflantz’s “Can’t Hack It?” on the CRBlog.

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