CRB Supports and Empowers Women in Pharma

CRB Supports and Empowers Women in Pharma

Feb 15, 2019

“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” Rosalynn Carter

ISPE’s Women in Pharma group showcased powerful leadership in our industry with a breakfast session at the ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference. This session was well attended and led to explore the pursuit of leadership, the requirements for success, and the preparation for leadership roles.

Yvonne Duckworth sat on an impressive panel that included:

  • Alison Moore, Chief Technical Officer at Allogene Therapeutics
  • Lesley Stolz is the Head of JLABS Bay Area for Johnson & Johnson
  • Kelly Keen is the Vice President of the Project Management Office for Celonic AG
  • Linda Karr is the Associate Director Project Management, for the Portfolio & Product Development Strategy at Genentech
  • Yvonne Duckworth is a Lead Automation Engineer for CRB

Women in Pharma® (WIP) is a community that provides women and men in the pharmaceutical industry a forum for connecting and collaborating on technical and career advancement topics. More women will seek to achieve more when they visually see those women who are achieving more.

The community’s activities, which include highlighting the incredible women of the industry, mentoring, making resources available across all levels, educational sessions, and social and networking opportunities, help women and MEN in the industry achieve career success and work-life balance.

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