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DeHart and Page-Belknap featured in BioBuzz

Jan 25, 2023

There’s a multitude of financial incentives available in the US for sustainability initiatives at new and existing projects. Unfortunately, the life sciences industry does not always take advantage of these perks. CRB’s Energy and Sustainability Specialists, Maya DeHart and Zach Page-Belknap, discuss federal and regional sustainability incentives that the industry could tap into in a recent article with BioBuzz.

“Companies in hospitality and light commercial are typically more likely than life sciences companies to go after those larger energy efficiency-related tax incentives.” “But that doesn’t mean obtaining them is more difficult for life sciences companies.” - Page-Belknap

Starting the sustainability conversation early in a project’s planning brings the parties together to find what’s doable within the project’s timeline and budget. If the project qualifies for sustainability incentives, that may influence the scope and possibilities at a crucial planning phase. “If [sustainability] is something that’s done from the beginning, it can lead to even more conversations about synergies or efficiencies in the building, and it can cost the same or even less,” per Dehart.

“Health and wellness are of utmost importance to our clients, as we work in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries,” “It’s clearly established that they are focused on the health of the patient using their product, but their focus on health and wellness extends to the way they’re building their buildings and establishing their workplaces to ensure their employees and customers know that they’re dedicated to it in a real way.” - DeHart

Leveraging the available sustainability incentives may allow life sciences companies to realize more of their long-term sustainability and well-being goals.

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