Katelyn Deckert, M.A.

Laboratory Planner/Interior Designer

Kansas City, Missouri

Katelyn Deckert previously worked as a graduate research assistant, taught upper-level laboratory classes and published original research for a major research university with global reach. Now a laboratory planner and interior designer, she brings real-world scientific experience to CRB with an understanding of laboratory functions and processes and firsthand experience and knowledge of laboratory equipment and instrumentation. Combining her knowledge of science and design, her unique skill set offers a deep understanding of clients’ needs and a perspective that creates integrated design solutions.

“Having worked in labs for many years, I understand the day-to-day challenges of our clients and the importance of comprehensive and detailed lab planning and interior design. Through a thoughtful and rigorous design process, we not only optimize the productivity of labs but also improve the daily life of scientists.”

Deckert currently serves as a board member on the Heart of America Chapter for the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories. She is also a member of the International Interior Design Association.

Deckert has a Master of Arts in biochemistry and biophysics, Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and Bachelor of Fine Arts in environmental interior design.

Insights By Katelyn