fermentation tanks in alternative proteins facility

Mycelium-based mega ranch scales production

Meati, a producer of animal-free meat made from mycelium, partnered with CRB on its new ‘Mega Ranch’ in Thornton, Colorado.

Efficient alternative proteins manufacturing

The resource-efficient manufacturing operation is expected to cultivate tens of millions of pounds of Meati per year, producing animal-free meat at a scale that will match and even exceed that of the larger individual animal-based ranches in the United States. Meati’s 100,000+ square-foot Ranch leverages a vertically integrated approach to grow, harvest, process and package Meati products under one roof.

CRB was responsible for design, engineering and construction services to build out the mechanical and utility plant, warehouse, office, laboratory, manufacturing and packaging areas for phase one. The team broke ground on Meati’s first industry-scale production facility in mid-2021 and the first finished product ran through the entire food processing train in Q4 2022.

Scaling for success

With the official opening of Meati’s Mega Ranch, the company is positioned to meet their goal of being the market leader in meat alternatives by 2025. The Ranch provides a new degree of scale enabling Meati to further commercialize, contributing to $1 billion in retail sales in five years.

Project Details


Meati, Inc.


Thornton, Colorado

Square Footage


fermentation tanks in alternative proteins facility fermentation tanks in alternative proteins facility
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